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Jack Smith

Cryptocurrency Expert

Since the release of Bitcoin in 2009 most of my time has been spent researching and studying various Cryptocurrencies and their Blockchains.

The new financial possibilities are seemingly endless. Short and long term investments have been considerably more lucrative compared to the stock market trading I was used to. I am a true believer in the opportunities which Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain Technology offer the world. No longer is the average person excluded from great financial gains.

The innovative power of the Blockchain Technology creates new and exciting opportunities for all of us.

Martijn Schipper

Blockchain Expert

Blockchain technology has fascinated me for a long time since the arrival of the Bitcoin. As a technician, I am particularly interested in the technical application and development of this technology. It is a smart development that will make companies much more efficient, so life is cheaper and faster for us.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are going to change our lives.

Isabel Schouten

Cryptocurrency Expert

Since I went into the Bitcoin, I found out that the world behind it is much more interesting. Since then I have made it my profession and through Crypto Bootcamp I hope to be able to teach many others about cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is just the tip of the iceberg. Every day I learn more about blockchain and the endless possibilities.
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